Meet Our Teams

Below we have included case studies from employees within our Support Functions teams. These will give you a flavour of what it is like to work for Sellafield Ltd.

Support Functions

Sue Armstrong

Head of Nuclear Shared Business Services

Job title: Head of Nuclear Shared Business Services

As a Chartered Accountant, I joined Sellafield in 2008 to be a Financial Controller and have since been able to significantly increase my experience and skills by undertaking a number of roles that present challenging and exciting work for any finance professional.

No two days are ever the same and because the site has so much going on, I’ve spent lots of time working with projects and operations. Through that, I also became a member of the Association of Project Managers. I’ve got involved in just about every aspect of finance that there is, including the preparation of business cases for major capital projects amongst many others.

I currently head up the Shared Service department which delivers a number of activities for the site, including: payroll, accounts payable, expenses and recruitment, amongst others. It is an exciting department to work in and we have an excellent team who ensure that we provide a high quality and timely services to several thousand people. I work closely with both Finance and HR and the HR dimension has been really interesting for me as it is a very different angle of the business to Finance.

I love working at Sellafield Ltd and would recommend it to anyone wanting to progress a career in finance whether early in their career or more experienced.


Richard Watson

Head of Resourcing

Job title: Head of Resourcing

I joined Sellafield Ltd in 2005 on the Graduate scheme. Since then I have worked right across the HR department to develop my skills and experience. In that time I’ve undertaken the qualifications to become a Chartered Member of the CIPD. I’m delighted to say that Sellafield Ltd actively encourages all employees to pursue professional status.

I’ve worked as a Business Partner supporting a number of the key divisions across the organisation, I’ve led large scale development programmes and am currently responsible for resourcing across the organisation. That ranges from resource planning, recruitment, redeployment to understanding contingent resource capabilities and setting out the resourcing strategy for Sellafield Ltd.

This is a varied and complex organisation and it’s an excellent place to work in HR. I have had experience in all the different aspects of HR in the time I’ve spent here. We are undergoing an exciting period of change as decommissioning work accelerates and reprocessing comes to a conclusion, and HR has a central role to play in making that successful.

Working at Sellafield Ltd is an exciting and nationally important mission and an organisation I’d recommend to any HR professional who is looking for a challenging and interesting role.

Frazer Shand

Organisation Design Project Team Member

Job title: Organisation Design Project Team Member

I am currently a member of the Organisation Design and Grading Review Project (ODG) working within HR. Prior to this role I was a Case Management Adviser, working in the HR Case Management Team in the Discipline and Grievance Workstream. I joined Sellafield Ltd via the Nuclear Graduates Scheme in 2014 and as part of my graduate programme I also spend time on placement in HR. The roles I have experienced in HR have been both varied and challenging, and have allowed me to deal with a wide range of complex and difficult issues. I need to engage effectively with a range of key stakeholders, both internal and external to the company, and also build effective relationships with the trade and staff unions. Sellafield is an exciting place to work and the challenges faced in the coming years mean that there will be significant opportunities within the organisation to develop and broaden my career.

Louise Wilson

IT Project Manager

Job title: IT Project Manager

I joined Sellafield Ltd as an IT project manager in July 2014, having previously worked for a small software company. One of the frustrations in my previous role was a lack of project variation, and moving to a large company such as Sellafield Ltd seemed like a wise choice.

Having now worked here for just over a year, the move has proved to be a great one. From day one in my new role, I was supported by both my line manager and colleagues in learning how projects and processes work at Sellafield Ltd, and within a few weeks I was working on several different projects.

The Information Services Organisation department (ISO) deals with areas such as application and systems architecture, through to knowledge and information management. Currently my day-to-day role now involves plenty of variation, which I love! I’m working on several IT projects which affect different business areas. This allows me to engage with contacts from different departments and locations, and gain a better understanding of how they operate. Some projects within ISO are quite short in timescale, which means that I have successfully completed a few packages of work and have seen how the project process works from start to finish.

Of course every job has its own challenges; working on projects which have demanding timescale and cost requirements can be tough. However it helps to have the ongoing support of other members of the ISO department who are more than happy to provide advice and assistance when needed.