Application Process

Our application process is designed to demonstrate your skills, experience and knowledge.

Our 2024 placement applications open on 2nd October 2023, closing on 24th November 2023. 

Stage 1: Realistic Job Preview

We encourage you to complete our immersive, realistic preview into the life of a placement student at Sellafield. This stage will allow you to better understand the activities and projects you may get involved in, and if you’re a good fit for Sellafield Ltd. You be able to access this from the job advert when applications open.

Stage 2: Application Form

Discover all of our opportunities via our search and apply  Please ensure you complete all required fields and regularly check your emails for updates.

Top tip: Be clear on why you have chosen to apply for the Placement Scheme at Sellafield Ltd. Include all relevant information i.e. degree, grade and experience.

Stage 3: Online Assessment

If you meet the appropriate entry requirements, you will be asked to take an online Strength & Values assessment. This assessment has been designed to evaluate your skills and knowledge in topics related to safety, security and other important behavioural topics . By completing this assessment, you can gain an invaluable insight into your strengths and values as well as into the qualities which you can demonstrate throughout your career.

You will have 5 working days to complete this assessment in full.

Stage 4: Video Interviews

Following successful completion of the assessment, we’ll want to get to know you better. So we’ll invite you for a strength based video interview.

Strength-Based interviews are a little different from traditional interviews. We want to learn about your strengths and the unique things that you are naturally good at. Be prepared to give us examples of how you managed different situations and display your skills in various scenarios.

Top Tip: Allow time before your video interview to prepare and make sure you are in a quiet area. Research is key to understanding what we do and where you fit in. We’re also keen to hear about what you want to achieve through your Placement with us.

Stage 5: Conditional Offer

If you successfully at interview, you will receive an exciting and rewarding conditional offer at Sellafield with a competitive benefits package.

Stage 6: Pre-employment Checks

We’re sure you understand the nature of our company, meaning we must comply with the relevant security procedures. Your conditional offer will be subject to you completing a medical check and receiving the appropriate security clearance.

Stage 7: Confirmation of Start Date

Once you have successfully passed all pre-employment checks, your start date will be confirmed. The Sellafield Ltd Placement Scheme is cohort-based and all students start towards the end of June.

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