A Sellafield Ltd Apprenticeship might just be the smartest decision you’ll ever make

In just over a months’ time Sellafield Ltd Apprenticeship applications will launch for our 2018 intake. We wanted to provide you with a quick guide to help you when researching our Apprenticeship and Degree Apprenticeship Schemes.

Apprenticeship Schemes

Sellafield Ltd Apprenticeships offer the opportunity for you to earn while you learn. More importantly, you’ll be working for an organisation with a proven track record in this field; what you experience here will help define your future. You’ll be employed to do a real job while studying for a formal qualifications, often our schemes have one day a week at either college or a local training facility. By the end of your scheme you’ll have gained the skills, confidence and knowledge to succeed in your chosen career.

Why choose an Apprenticeship?



What Apprenticeships do Sellafield Ltd offer?

  • Business & Administration Apprenticeship (Sellafield, Cumbria & Risley, Warrington)
  • Craft Apprenticeship (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Health Physics Monitor Apprenticeship (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Nuclear Operator Apprenticeship (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Nuclear Welding Inspection Apprenticeship  (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Project Management Higher Apprenticeship (Sellafield, Cumbria) –  (A Higher Apprenticeship is equivalent to the first stages of higher education such as a foundation degree.)

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Degree Apprenticeship Schemes

What is a Degree Apprenticeship?

Sellafield Ltd Degree Apprenticeships offer the opportunity for you to combine working with studying part-time to gain a bachelor’s degree (Level 6) in your chosen pathway subject. At Sellafield Ltd we have a range of degree apprenticeship pathways from Engineering Design through to ICT. You will need to balance on the job training with studying and ensure you are equally committed and successful with both. The skills you will acquire are in high demand and are transferable throughout the nuclear industry; beyond acquiring these skills should ensure you will have a long and successful career.

Why choose an Degree Apprenticeship?



What Degree Apprenticeships do Sellafield Ltd offer?

Our Nuclear Engineering & Nuclear Science Degree Apprenticeship offer a number of learning pathways including:

Engineering Design (Sellafield, Cumbria & Risley, Warrington) – You will follow one of the following pathways:

  • Civil & Structural Engineering Design (Sellafield, Cumbria & Risley, Warrington)
  • Control, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Design (Sellafield, Cumbria & Risley, Warrington)
  • Mechanical Design (Sellafield, Cumbria & Risley, Warrington)

Other pathways include:

  • Civil Asset Management (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Operations (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Operational Research (Risley, Warrington)
  • Quality Engineer (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Scientific (Sellafield, Cumbria)
  • Technical (Sellafield, Cumbria)

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