We have opportunities in a surprisingly diverse range of skill sets including: Construction, Commissioning, Craft, Design Engineering, Project Management & Controls, Quality, Safety, Risk and Site Maintenance.


The construction function is key to project delivery; before construction work begins our professionals work alongside Engineering Design to develop and implement construction strategies and plans. They are required to review technical work before, during and after implementation, have responsibility for nuclear and radiological safety during the construction phases, and play a significant role in achieving major milestones in the decommissioning of Sellafield site.


The huge task of decommissioning can’t happen without significant commissioning. We’re working on capital commissioning projects worth more than £1 billion. This is your chance to help deliver projects of an internationally high profile – from encapsulation plants and stores, to major new components that keep existing facilities running.


From Mechanical Maintenance to Electrical and Instrumentation, your essential skills will include experience of working with plant equipment and the relevant apprenticeship or recognised qualification.

Design Engineering

At Sellafield Ltd we face some of the most complex engineering challenges that exist in the nuclear industry. Our engineering capability enables the best possible levels of plant availability and helps us to accelerate high hazard reduction in a safe, environmentally responsible, cost effective and pragmatic way.

Control, Electrical and Instrument Design Engineering

As a Control, Electrical and Instrumentation Design Engineer you could end up designing a complex programmable control system to ensure radioactive waste continues to be contained and controlled.

Civil/Structural Design Engineering

In a Civil/Structural Design Engineer role, you could be involved in any aspect of new building analysis and design (including earthquake resistance), civil infrastructure design/maintenance or the resolution of complex decommissioning and demolition challenges.

Mechanical Design Engineering

As a Mechanical Design Engineer, we will expect you to think beyond the rigid confines of repetitive design and provide innovative solutions to the nuclear industry.

Plant, System & Process Engineering

As a Plant or System Engineer, your technical knowledge will see you take ownership of a designated plant system. You’ll be responsible for monitoring and reporting system and plant health back to your management team.

As a Process Design Engineer, you will provide innovative solutions to the exacting demands of process engineering within the nuclear industry. You will use the latest tools in the challenging fields of decommissioning and for the provision of associated new facilities.

Project Controls

Project Controls make a vital contribution to the successful completion of any project. The skills in the Project Controls discipline provide the “eyes and ears” of good project delivery. Project Controls includes anyone who supports the Project Manager in the planning, estimating and cost controls of a small, medium or large project.

Project Management

We carry out a huge variety of projects, ranging from supporting operations to waste management and nuclear decommissioning. Projects vary from the small and simple to the very complex, with high degrees of risk and technical uncertainty. You’ll have the responsibility of leading project teams in the highly regulated, unique environment that is a nuclear licensed site. Whatever their size and complexity, one thing remains the same – each and every one must be delivered safely whilst meeting our targets in terms of time, budget and quality.


The Quality team establishes a performance-based approach that places the responsibility, initiative and effort on everyone to contribute to achieving – and continually improving – quality. We need to embed quality into everything we do in order to achieve high performance in safety, environment and security, and deliver our scope of work.

Sellafield Ltd is certified to comply with the relevant quality management standards requirements as defined in ISO 9001. Quality is an extremely important part of Sellafield Ltd culture, because if quality is poor, it leads to poor safety. Every individual has a role to play in maintaining the company’s reputation by striving for right first time and compliance with the business arrangements.

Site Maintenance

The Maintenance community supports NDA missions and the Sellafield Ltd Strategic Business Objectives. We are here to ensure plant performance is maintained at the highest level, and activities are performed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

We provide a service to the whole of the Sellafield site, including over 100,000 assets that require regular examination, inspection, maintenance and testing. We assist in the availability of the services and plants, working within a highly regulated environment.

Our community consists of over 1,500 employees, including a variety of trades – E&I, Mechanical and other skills, and a Maintenance Support & Management network all supporting the Sellafield Ltd mission.

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