Not only are our support roles more vital than you'll find anywhere else, they're much more diverse than you might expect.

Supply Chain Directorate & Commercial

Focused on the safe, secure engagement and performance of the Supply Chain to support the successful delivery of the Sellafield Ltd strategy and mission. Our diverse and robust Supply Chain Directorate community are empowered to deliver innovative fit for purpose improvements by integrating our expertise, capabilities and know-how with that of the Supply Chain.

Operating as a functional directorate, we provide full lifecycle procurement and supply chain services and solutions to the whole of Sellafield Ltd with a varied portfolio including:

  • Supply chain acquisition and category strategy;
  • Procurement planning;
  • Market engagement;
  • Contract and category management; and
  • Supply chain development and innovation.

The key to our success is through Supply Chain collaboration to drive value adding outcomes as well as joint mitigation of risk. We are looking to to engage with Category Managers, Procurement Leads and Senior Buyers to help us on our mission.


The Environmental team is an integral part of delivering the Sellafield Plan going forward (ranging from decommissioning to reprocessing activities). In Environmental you will be advising plant operators on a broad scope of environmental management requirements linked to legislation and best practice.

The site has a wide range of environmental roles, which align with the broad scope of work – for example provision of central advice, direct plant support, discharge monitoring and statutory reporting, and supporting the extensive environmental monitoring programme. There’s every opportunity to develop a diverse career as an environmental manager and become a chartered professional.

EHS&Q (Environmental, Heath, Safety & Quality)

The EHS&Q function provides a service to the whole of Sellafield Ltd with an extremely varied portfolio. We have expertise in conventional, radiological, environmental safety, quality assurance, nuclear material accountancy and safeguards as well as occupational health. Within the Technical and Engineering (TED) function, the Safety and Risk Management group provides the nuclear safety advice and supporting assessments which are an integral part of the overall nuclear safety case for a new project or existing facility.

The number one priority and strategic objective for Sellafield Ltd is safe, secure site stewardship and we all have an important role to play in keeping ourselves, our colleagues, our facilities and the environment safe. Applying best practice in the area of nuclear safety is paramount to our continued success and our processes and culture in this area must be at the forefront of everything we do.


Our Finance team’s mission is to enhance value for money by managing, challenging and influencing operating units and functions to deliver greater business and cost performance.

The Finance team provides a vital support role helping to:

  • Deliver the core strategy by supporting effective and timely decision making
  • Ensure robust financial governance, and provide accurate and assured financial information
  • Deliver and embed end-to-end process improvements or providing efficient and effective Shared Services.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a compact and dynamic team at the heart of the company. Join Sellafield Ltd and you’ll find opportunities to work in and engage across all levels of the organisation.

The primary aim of the Human Resources department is to enable all employees and business teams to operate to their full potential, in line with the company’s requirements, ensuring that the enthusiasm and co-operation of employees is sustained and that opportunities for personal development are provided.

Roles within Human Resources include Business Partners, Compensation and Benefits Advisors, Talent Management and Recruitment Specialists.


The Information Services team focuses on the identification, management and optimisation of knowledge and information assets in order to deliver value throughout the business. The roles within ISO range from implementing and managing information & systems architecture, through to managing customer demand & improving service performance/efficiencies.

ISO also acts as the central focus for knowledge management activities, such as enhancing organisational learning, improving service delivery and building capabilities and flexibility.

Risk Management

Risk Management is an essential business tool at all levels of the organisation. Risk Management helps Sellafield Ltd to understand the uncertainties that threaten achievement of the corporate objectives. It provides forecasts and analysis to identify future cost and schedule impacts, as well as providing information to support management decision making.

As a Risk practitioner you will be responsible for implementing the agreed risk and opportunities management processes and procedures for risk evaluation, which involves analysing risks and opportunities as well as identifying, describing and estimating their potential impact on the business. You will monitor, evaluate and challenge the company’s success in managing its risks, ensuring risk management is undertaken in the best possible way.

Security & Resilience

Security and Resilience provides guidance and support to the site at a strategic and tactical level. It includes a delivery function that provides a security and emergency management services across the site. In addition to this we have a department that is responsible for the security of information – setting, implementing and reviewing the strategy and policy. It is our intention that all employees understand the role they play in all of these arrangements ensuring we continue to meet our regulatory requirements. We offer a variety of challenging and interesting roles ranging from professional firefighters to specialists in security and resilience.

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