Human Factors

As we place greater reliance on our people, the importance of considering the role of the operator is fundamental in ensuring safe operations at Sellafield.


As Sellafield moves towards a greater reliance on the human as a method of protection for our operations, it is becoming ever more important that the end users have been adequately considered in order to manage the error potential within the work face.

Human Factors Assessors play a key role in the safe design and operation of our facilities and are responsible for the provision of HF assessment and advice across multiple projects and plants, COMAH related areas and Investigations. They provide support across all stages of the plant lifecycle, from initial concept design, through to decommissioning and plant demolition. For example, HF help to design control panels and displays to make operations more reliable, we carry out task design to make sure operations can be carried out easily and we check that when an operator is asked to carry out a task that they have the appropriate space, equipment, information and training required.

Typical roles and responsibilities:

As a HF graduate within the safety profession, you will follow a comprehensive training plan in all aspects of Human Factors, acquiring the skills, knowledge and experience required to support your journey to becoming a fully qualified HF Assessor. Beyond that there are opportunities to move into more senior roles within the HF profession or the wider Sellafield Ltd organisation.

You will be involved with the HF team in supporting a range of areas across the enterprise including Design/Engineering, Safety Case, Pre-Ops & Commissioning and Operations whilst having the opportunity for secondments into other areas of the organisation to help broaden your knowledge and experiences.

Progression possibilities:

Beyond the graduate programme, human factors is part of a robust, clearly defined career pathway and competency scheme that guides you through the requirements to develop to a fully competent HF Assessor and Senior Assessor/Technical Lead which includes supporting professional membership with the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors

The foundational training and broad experience gained through the programme also offers a great platform for wider career options in other areas of the organisation e.g. Safety, Operational & Safety Case roles.


Sellafield, West Cumbria / Risley, Warrington.

Suitable degree disciplines:

BSc / MSc in Psychology / Ergonomics / Human Factors.


The commercial profession provides a service to the whole of Sellafield Ltd.

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Commissioning is the act of bringing something newly produced into a working condition.

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