Control Systems

Location: Sellafield, Cumbria

As a Control Systems apprentice you will follow a broad training programme designed to introduce you to the many elements of industrial control systems. You will learn about the powerful control systems and associated technology used to control, safeguard and monitor all aspects of plant operations. Over 5 years, in partnership with our training provider, you will be trained in the design, development, maintenance and servicing of industrial control systems.

You will gain experience in computer programming, fault finding, electrical principles, maintenance of industrial automation systems, knowledge of process plant operations, cyber security and control system technologies.

Things I should consider?

To succeed on your chosen scheme you should have a passion for engineering or science and a desire to pursue a career within the field. You will have the opportunity to complete a level 6 Bachelors of Engineering degree or a level 6 Bachelors of Science degree, whilst learning the practical engineering skills required for the role and earning a salary.

Throughout your chosen scheme, you will get to work on exciting projects and deliver complex pieces of work whilst becoming an integral part of a community of enthusiastic, talented individuals, who will go on to shape the future of Sellafield Ltd.

Where will my training be delivered?

All apprentices will complete a bridging course (currently 17 weeks) delivered at one of our local training providers. During this initial period you will be employed directly by the training provider and only upon successful completion of the course, will you transfer onto the Sellafield Ltd degree apprentice programme.

Year 1 – our Design Engineering and Control Systems apprentices will be based full time at one of our local training providers undertaking PEO (Performing Engineering Operations).

Years 2-5 – On completion of the PEO course, Design Engineering and Control System apprentices will be based full time in the workplace and continue academic studies on a day release basis at one of our local training providers.

What qualifications will I obtain?

All Sellafield Ltd degree apprentices are recruited with the expectation that they will successfully complete the full 5-year programme. During this journey we will monitor individual performance and business requirements and under exceptional circumstances we may conclude that continuation onto the level 6 is not appropriate.

Phase 1 – initial 3 year period:
• Nuclear Technician Apprenticeship Standard (Level 5);
• Foundation Degree/HND (Level 5) in either a science or engineering based discipline

For candidates with the ability to progress further:
Phase 2 – further 2 year period:
• Nuclear Scientist and Engineer Integrated Degree Apprentice Standard (Level 6);
• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (BEng – Level 6) or a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (BSc – Level 6) aligned to your career pathway

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