The Construction Function is key in the integrated project delivery model.


The Construction Function is key in the integrated project delivery model, the team responsible for the multi-disciplinary engineering to deliver the construction works whilst assuring compliance with several Nuclear Site License Conditions.

Before construction work begins the function works alongside engineering design to influence, develop and implement construction strategies and plans in line with the overall project delivery model. The profession is required to review technical work before, during and after implementation, has responsibility for nuclear and radiological safety during the construction phases and plays a significant role in achieving major milestones in the decommissioning of Sellafield site.

Typical roles and responsibilities:

This broad function means that construction graduates will typically be exposed to all areas of Sellafield’s project delivery – involved in design and commercial specification as well as on-site involvement with significant construction work in a variety of areas and operational plants across the site. This provides them with a range of experiences during their placement, aiding both their career and routes to chartered status in their chosen discipline.

A career in the construction profession means being involved in technical solutions to site challenges and offers opportunities to work on innovative and novel systems which may not be seen outside of Sellafield.

Progression possibilities:

Typically graduates will leave their two year placement as a construction engineer within a Sellafield project team, responsible for technical delivery and oversight of an area. Following this they are ideally placed for progression up the engineering and construction career ladder as their experience grows.


Sellafield, West Cumbria 

Suitable degree disciplines:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


The Technical Profession consists of 500 science, technology, engineering and maths specialists, who mainly have degrees in chemistry, physics, maths, materials science and chemical engineering disciplines.

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Human Factors

As we place greater reliance on our people, the importance of considering the role of the operator is fundamental in ensuring safe operations at Sellafield.

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