Programme Areas

Our programme areas information will help you learn more about which areas in our business you'd be most suited to

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Business Profession

The Business Profession is the “brain child” of Sellafield Ltd, looking after the Enterprise Strategy, Planning and Performance areas.

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Commissioning is the act of bringing something newly produced into a working condition.

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The Construction Function is key in the integrated project delivery model.

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Design Engineering

From emergent, on-plant situations requiring design support and advice.

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Engineering & Maintenance

Engineering and Maintenance at Sellafield Ltd faces some of the most unique & challenging work in the industry, and our profession enables us to accelerate high hazard reduction in a safe, environmentally responsible, cost effective and pragmatic manner.

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Environmental Support

The Sellafield site focus is shifting from operations to environmental remediation.

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Sellafield Ltd is managing a period of unprecedented change; this requires a flexible, agile and responsive organisation with a culture that supports change.

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Project Management & Controls

Project Managers are the people who have the responsibility of delivering projects safely, on schedule and on budget.

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Safety Case

Safety Cases form the backbone of nuclear safety at Sellafield, helping us develop safe solutions for our projects and maintain safe conditions on our facilities. 

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Safety Support

The Safety Support profession is comprised of 700 Nuclear Professionals.

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The Technical Profession consists of 500 science, technology, engineering and maths specialists, who mainly have degrees in chemistry, physics, maths, materials science and chemical engineering disciplines.

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