The Business Profession is the “brain child” of Sellafield Ltd, looking after the Enterprise Strategy, Planning and Performance areas.


The Business Profession is the “brain child” of Sellafield Ltd, looking after the Enterprise Strategy, Planning and Performance areas. The profession is split into two directorates: The Strategy and Planning Directorate, and The Enterprise Performance Directorate. The profession ensures:

  • A clear focus on enterprise, providing a means to operationalise strategy;
  • A golden thread from strategy through a set of plans to the delivery of clear outcomes;
  • Development of resources to enable understanding of prioritised challenges, together with realising opportunities across the enterprise;
  • The driving of change initiatives that are owned and delivered by relevant business areas;
  • Creation of an environment within which “Value Streams” (the way we group our operations) can be successful.

Typical roles and responsibilities:

No two student/graduate development schemes will be the same as your scheme will be bespoke to you. Placements will be discussed in advance and tailored, where possible, in line with your academic background, development objectives and work preferences. Anyone with an interest in any of the following specific areas of focus is strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Communication;
  • Sellafield Site and wider Enterprise Strategy;
  • Corporate Planning;
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Business Management;
  • Governance, Risk and Assurance;
  • Business Improvement.

The intent of the scheme is to provide a broad overview of Business Management at Sellafield Ltd. You could learn new business improvement techniques, support the Risk Manager in setting up their risk management arrangements or assist to model different risk-based scenarios, engage with stakeholders, set up governance arrangements and contribute to the writing of a business case. You could find yourself supporting a Communications Manager to build their communications strategy for important changes to the business to flow from the senior leaders to operational workers and all the people in between. No two days will be the same. You will support, coach and advise people on ways to improve the way they do things, learning continuous improvement tools, techniques and behaviours as used by many manufacturing companies like Toyota and Nissan etc.. You will be responsible for making things quicker, easier, safer and cheaper. 

Progression possibilities:

Many opportunities will be available to support the business, work in a team, and also develop your own skills as an influencer, coach and facilitator. Progression opportunities within the organisation are vast and depend very much on individual desires, as opposed to available roles. Joining Sellafield Ltd as a graduate, you will build on your theoretical understanding of subject matter through practical delivery across the business through placements, training and development opportunities.  Our existing Business Profession community come from a range of degree and professional institution/association backgrounds, and many have been graduate trainees previously, joining the profession having previously worked in operations, safety, maintenance etc.


Sellafield, West Cumbria. 

Suitable degree disciplines:

We are interested in undergraduates from a range of degrees, including humanities, classics, history, economics, sciences and psychology etc, provided candidates are looking towards Business Management and Strategy as their preferred area of expertise. In addition, a focus on the following more specific areas of study will be considered:

  • Business Management;
  • Business and Management;
  • Leadership and Management;
  • Risk Management (especially with an interest in risk modelling);
  • Mathematics (especially with an interest in risk modelling).

So, it’s not so much the degree that we are interested in: it’s you!  We are looking for people who thrive on solving problems, who are good at engaging with a vast array of stakeholders (up to and including the senior business leaders), and who can facilitate discussion up to and including in workshop-size environments. If that’s you and you meet the criteria, then get in touch and apply.

Engineering & Maintenance

Engineering and Maintenance at Sellafield Ltd faces some of the most unique & challenging work in the industry, and our profession enables us to accelerate high hazard reduction in a safe, environmentally responsible, cost effective and pragmatic manner.

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Sellafield Ltd is managing a period of unprecedented change; this requires a flexible, agile and responsive organisation with a culture that supports change.

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