Environmental Support

The Sellafield site focus is shifting from operations to environmental remediation.


The Sellafield site focus is shifting from operations to environmental remediation: ensuring safe, secure reduction of hazard and risk driving sustainable solutions that maximise environmental, economic and societal value.

The purpose of the Environment Capability is to support the Sellafield Ltd business whilst ensuring that the requirements of our environmental obligations are met, and our environmental impact is minimised. The work of the Environment Capability includes: provision of an Environmental Management System certified to ISO14001, giving specialist advice and guidance regarding environmental compliance and improvements, interfacing with regulators to ensure environmental permits and other decisions are in place, production and management of Environment Cases and environmental assessments, and undertaking monitoring and assurance activities against environmental standards.

Typical roles and responsibilities:

As a graduate in the Environment Capability, you will be involved with the Corporate Environmental Team and front line teams, aligned to a plant area, developing towards a fully competent Environmental Advisor.

As an Environmental Advisor you will be working alongside other environmental professionals interfacing with regulators, management, plant operators and technical support functions as part of an integrated team.

Your role will be varied and include carrying out Best Available Techniques (BAT) and Impact Assessments, producing Environment Cases, getting involved in investigations, undertaking assurance activities, attending stakeholder meetings, and advising on environmental aspects of specific projects.

Progression possibilities:

The Environment Capability has a defined Career Pathway to guide you through the requirements to develop into a fully competent general Environmental Advisor.

The Sellafield Ltd Graduate Management Trainee Scheme is accredited by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). We will fully support your progression to Chartered Status through IEMA or other appropriate Professional Institutes to suit your discipline.


Sellafield, West Cumbria. 

Suitable degree disciplines:

Previous graduates have typically held degrees in Environmental Science, Geography, or Geology, however, other STEM disciplines would be considered.

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