Sellafield Ltd is managing a period of unprecedented change; this requires a flexible, agile and responsive organisation with a culture that supports change.


Sellafield Ltd is managing a period of unprecedented change; this requires a flexible, agile and responsive organisation with a culture that supports change. By the year 2020 we will have completed our reprocessing operations and will have shifted our focus to retrievals, risk reduction and decommissioning activities. The key enablers to our Transformation journey include greater innovation and ICT solutions. Our ICT Strategy will be fundamental to the transformational journey by supporting:

  • innovative solutions through technology
  • modelling of scenarios, performance and options
  • mobile and agile ways of working
  • the supply chain to collaborate and communicate
  • applications and technology aligned to enterprise requirements
  • integrated digital environment
  • enterprise wide data management
  • automated reporting and management information
  • digital asset lifecycle management

Typical roles and responsibilities:

A number of areas of the business have come together to create the ICT Profession

Information Services Organisation – this area supports information management, enterprise applications, business systems, communications technology, infrastructure, networks and knowledge management.

Asset Management – a single view of all ICT assets across the business.

Control Systems Group – this area provides a specialist support service to Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) which is the Operational Technology on the Sellafield Ltd Site.

Cyber Security and Information Assurance (CSIA) – this area ensures Sellafield Ltd is a safe, secure and resilient business by ensuring it can defend against, recover from and be resilient to evolving cyber and information related threats.

Sellafield Advanced Business analytics (SABA) – this is the home of Sellafield’s decision support capability using 3D technology to identify issues and apply solutions to them.    

ICT graduates will be given the opportunity to gain an understanding, through placements, in each of the above areas within the ICT Profession to ensure that the most suitable pathway is identified. This will enable you to maximise your development and career opportunities both during your time on the scheme and beyond.

Progression possibilities:

The ICT programme allows for real flexibility when looking for progression. Within the profession you will have the opportunity to explore different roles before deciding on the career path you’re best suited to.

When you are towards the end of the programme you will start to look at final job options, with the skills and experience you have gained through the  programme it will have a great influence on your future career.


Sellafield, West Cumbria.

Suitable degree disciplines:

We are looking for enthusiastic and innovative individuals from a variety of Computing or Information Technology related degree disciplines. 


The Construction Function is key in the integrated project delivery model.

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The Business Profession is the “brain child” of Sellafield Ltd, looking after the Enterprise Strategy, Planning and Performance areas.

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