Radiological Protection & Safety Support

The Radiological Protection & Safety Support profession is comprised of 700 Nuclear Professionals.

Do you want to influence the safe delivery of the future of Europe’s largest nuclear site? Sellafield site has the most diverse range of nuclear facilities in the World, with every possible safety hazard present.

You will be part of a highly trained team of Safety professionals following dedicated training programmes and career pathways leading ultimately to specialist positions in any of the following fields – Radiological Protection, Conventional/ Construction Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Fire Protection.

As a Safety professional you will support the Sellafield Site to meet its objectives in high hazard reduction whilst supporting plants through all phases of their life cycle from design, construction, through operations to decommissioning.

As part of the Safety profession, you will be responsible for undertaking technical assessments, giving competent professional advice, setting policy and standards, and undertaking monitoring and assurance activities of those standards, in all aspects of safety as outlined above.

Typical roles and responsibilities:

As a graduate in the Safety profession, you will be involved with the Central Safety Support teams and the frontline Safety Delivery teams, aligned to plant areas, developing towards a fully competent Adviser.

You will be working alongside other safety professionals, interfacing with regulators, management, plant operators and technical support functions as part of an integrated team.

Your role will vary from carrying out technical assessments, investigations, undertaking assurance activities and developing standards to attending stakeholder meetings and advising on safety aspects of specific projects.

Your time will be split over four six-month placements where you will develop your business awareness and networking skills, technical knowledge, and behavioural skills.

Progression possibilities:

The Safety profession has robust, clearly defined Career Pathways and Competency Schemes to guide you through the requirements to develop to a fully competent Adviser and the potential to develop further into a specialist in one of these disciplines – Radiological protection, Occupational Hygiene, Conventional/ Construction Safety and Fire Protection. There are also opportunities to develop into Managerial roles.

Your discipline specific chartership and professional memberships will be fully supported with the ability to gain a second chartership in a safety related field


Sellafield, West Cumbria. 

Suitable degree disciplines:

No previous safety training is required for the role of graduate trainee in the Safety profession.

Changing emphasis of work on the Sellafield site will bring many new and varied safety challenges. The profession will consider graduates in all STEM subjects with an emphasis on physics and chemistry, discipline specific qualifications such as Degrees in Occupational Health and Safety Management and Fire Protection will also be considered.  We will consider individuals with other degrees who demonstrate a strong interest in Safety.


Sellafield Ltd spends over £2billion per annum and the Finance department has the responsibility for ensuring that Sellafield maintains value for money.

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Design Engineering

From emergent, on-plant situations requiring design support and advice.

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