Safety Support

The Safety Support profession is comprised of 700 Nuclear Professionals.


The Safety Support profession is comprised of 700 Nuclear Professionals. The profession is responsible for setting policy and standards, giving competent professional advice and undertaking monitoring and assurance activities of those standards, in all aspects of Radiation Protection, Conventional Safety and Occupational Hygiene.

The remit of the profession is to support the Sellafield Site to meet its objectives for high hazard reduction whilst supporting plants through all phases of their life cycle from design, through operations to decommissioning.

Typical roles and responsibilities:

As a graduate in the Safety Support profession, you will be involved with the Central Safety Support teams and the front line teams, aligned to a plant area, developing towards a fully competent Safety Adviser.

As a Safety Adviser, you will be working alongside other safety professionals, interfacing with regulators, management, plant operators and technical support functions as part of an integrated team.

Your role will vary from carrying out technical assessments, investigations, undertaking assurance activities and developing standards to attending stakeholder meetings and advising on safety aspects of specific projects.

Progression possibilities:

Your development will involve a comprehensive training plan in all aspects of Radiological Protection, Conventional Safety and Occupational Hygiene, with the chance to ultimately specialise in one of these disciplines. The Safety Support profession has a robust, clearly defined Career Pathway and Competency Scheme to guide you through the requirements to develop to a fully competent general Safety Adviser and the potential to develop into a specialist in one of the safety disciplines.

Your discipline specific chartership will be fully supported by the profession, with the ability to gain a second chartership in a safety related field.


Sellafield, West Cumbria. 

Suitable degree disciplines:

Changing emphasis of work on the Sellafield site will bring many new and varied safety challenges. The profession will consider graduates in STEM subjects who demonstrate a strong interest in Safety.


The Technical Profession consists of 500 science, technology, engineering and maths specialists, who mainly have degrees in chemistry, physics, maths, materials science and chemical engineering disciplines.

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Safety Case

Safety Cases form the backbone of nuclear safety at Sellafield, helping us develop safe solutions for our projects and maintain safe conditions on our facilities. 

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